April 23rd, 2018

Explosive Bonded Clad Plates

In our ever changing business, we are constantly striving to bring valuable services to our customers. With this in mind, please take a look at our newest offering, which is sure to save money (and time!) on your projects.

Explosive Bonded Clad Plates

Explosive clad metals are multi-layer steel plates integrally clad (welded) with corrosion resistant metals or alloys. They are used for fabrication of processing equipment in chemical and petrochemical industry.

What are the advantages of buying Explosive Bonded Clad Plates from RNP Steels?

  • We can offer very competitive pricing
  • There is no limit on plate unit weights, nor restriction on plate widths
  • We will impress you with our delivery time, which could be as fast as 4 weeks from order placement
  • We can offer specialist cladding materials (Monel/Inconel/Incoloy/Titanium)
  • No minimum or maximum quantity/order size

Explosive Bonded Clad Plates Material Types

Materials clad by RNP Steels range from stainless steels (series 300, 400, etc.), CRA (Incoloy, Inconel, Monel ®, Alloy 825, CuNi, Hastelloy ® C276), Titanium Gr.1 and Gr. 2 to Chrome Moly SA387-5/11/12/22/91-2

All materials supplied by RNP Steels come from premium Western European, US and Japanese mills and stockists.

Base Plates range from SA516-60/70N, A537 Cl 1/2 to A285 Gr C.

Explosive Bonded Clad Plates Sizes

Sizes of clad tubesheets and plates match almost any size of base material available at reference steel mills/stockists today: tubesheet sizes range from 400mm dia to 4100mm, head blanks up to 5100mm, and plate sizes up to 13600mm x 4500mm with thickness from 10+3mm up to 300+20mm.

Max. sizes delivered so far:

  • Length: 12600 mm
  • Width: 5100 mm
  • Largest surface: 41.5 m2
  • Unit weight: 37.5 tonnes
  • Tubesheet clad forging: Ø 4200 mm
  • Head blank: Ø 5100 mm

We can also deliver thinner plates, such as:

  • 10+3 mm (formats 2000 x 6000mm)
  • 12+4 mm (formats 2000 x 6000mm)
  • 14+4 mm (formats 2000 x 8000mm)
  • 20+4 mm (formats 2000 x 12000mm)

Applications of Explosive Bonded Clad Plates

  • Pressure Vessels / Dished Heads
  • Heat Exchanger Tubes Sheets and Condensers
  • Reactors/Columns
  • Aluminium Smelting